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Sheffield – Launceston - Wynyard

Day 273

sunny 23 °C
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Had a lovely peaceful morning till the tractors started revving their engines! We decided we should make our way slowly to Launceston. It’s a public holiday here today, so the Steamfest continues. We arrived in Launceston to some shops open. Went to the movies and saw Watchmen. It was good, but very long. Quite entertaining as it has lots of links to superheros and political pasts. Quite clever. Headed off to Wynyard ready for the vets in the morning.

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Day 272

sunny 20 °C
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We had the most fabulous day wandering around admiring all these great steam engines – one as old as 1890s! Such history and its all working! They were also incredibly powerful too. They also had a great steam train with three little carriages also working. It was really cute. They even had a train platform with a station. They served food and had a little tea room. It was also very busy!


Great to see such a turn out. There were farm animals for the kids to pat, spinners making wool then the most beautiful scarfs and beanies etc, lots of great food stalls, german folk singers, tractor pulling competitions, an old fashioned pair of draft horses ploughing a field. The owners used them to plough their 100 acre property and said they do a much better job than conventional machinery which just flattens the soil. These girls were doing a fabulous job of seriously turning over rock hard soil and about 30cm of it too!


There were also a display of old cars and motorbikes, army vehicles and a Steve informs me a bofor 20mm flak gun – (you had to be there) it made a huge racket even without bullets. There were great displays of wood turners, toy train displays, every DVD known to man on; farming, machinery, trains, engines, tractors etc. It was a huge day. There was even a guy selling LED light globes. We picked up a couple for the van. So incredibly bright too!



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Strahan – Sheffield

Day 271

sunny 24 °C
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Today we walked into town and enjoyed another great breakfast and read the paper. We were talking to more and more people and really feeling comfortable in the town. There seems to be lots of work from many different industries; mining, fishing, fish farming, working the old reclaimed huon pine logs, forestry, tree farming, tourism. There also seems to be people drawn there from all over. Looks like a great spot.


We decided we should get a move on to make it to Sheffield for the SteamFest 2009. We arrived late in the afternoon just in time to park the van at the oval and walk into town for dinner. Found a fabulous café for dinner and had the most fantastic dinner. They said they weren’t normally open for dinner, but did because of the show. The place was packed. Turned out there was also a Rodeo on 15kms out of town as well as a huge rowing event at Lake Barrington just up the road. Apparently all the accommodation around was booked out for miles. Great to see such a nice place buzzing with life.

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Strahan – Day 3

Day 270

overcast 19 °C
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Got a pretty good night’s sleep on the waterfront. Caught up with Jan as she and Sam were leaving town and heading to Zeehan to the museum.

We drove around town and checked out the property that we’d fallen in love with; 3 Vivien Street. It’s a lovely 4 bedroom 1890s heritage house on 1.5 acres backing onto the Hogarth Falls. It’s a lovely 40 minute rainforest walk along a platypus filled creek. Its just beautiful. The creek is in 3 Vivian Street’s backyard. Its such a fabulous setting. So peaceful and tranquil.

Turns out the council gardener is the next door neighbour – Jim. He’s such an interesting character. Also met the couple next door to him who had a similar house. They were also very lovely and all wanted us to join their street! We fell in love with it. We’ve also been told we can build cabins on the block for accommodation as there is such a shortage of holiday accommodation in the town. It has so much potential. The current owners also used to supply the town with organic vegies through the local IGA store. How fabulous is that!

Went back and measured up and took more photos later in the day. So much potential. So much space and right on the water. Even a spot for the boat.


view from back of house out to Hogarth Falls

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Strahan – Day 2

Day 269

rain 19 °C
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Checked out a few properties today in the drying conditions. Still a horrendously cold blow in the air. Ear muffs were considered – along with the purchase of a beanie! Thank god for the lovely Florentine leather gloves that Sharon gave me! Thanks – you’ve really saved me!

Had to stop for soup for lunch. Too cold and had to get out of the wind. Found that most of the commercial buildings in town are all owned by the Federal Hotel. There is a Federal Pie – much like the Mrs Macs of Tassie, not sure if they’re all connected, but its sad that all the commercial property is stitched up by one crowd.

Anyway met Jan and Sam. Jan has been travelling around in her Coaster for the last 3 years with here little terrier Sam. He certainly lives the life! Had coffee and a drink with Jan. Spent the night in the People’s Park after the very friendly shire gardener offered us a night’s stay. He was quite a card. Said this was the best place in the world to live. He said he moved here about a year ago and just loves it. He said it’s a great place with really great people. The mayor is supposedly a bit of a card and really enjoys his job of making things happen!



Had a horrid night with some noisy West Australians drinking and keeping everyone up, so we had to drive off and find somewhere else to park. Apparently the caravan park was over flowing so people were sent to People’s Park to stay. It was quite crowded. Actually felt like we were in a caravan park!

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