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Wynyard – Zeehan – Strahan

Day 268

rain 20 °C
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It was a cold wet and very windy day. Gale Force winds have been predicted. Not sure if its such a good day to travel, but what else can you do but sit in the van. So drive we did. The van did get a much needed wash which was great.

A great house for sale on 1/2 acre just $155,000!

We almost got wipped off the road by a couple of trucks that weren’t stopping for anything, as well as a few huge gusts of winds that caught us coming off cliffs on the way down hills. This was quite scary at the time.

Arrived at Rosebery in time for lunch, and Zeehan in time for the last 2 hours at their fabulous museum. Needless to say we didn’t get to see it all. What a fabulous collection of old photos of the region that they have. So much history in photos. Also got to see the fabulous buildings they are restoring as a community heritage group – West Coast Heritage. They have done a fabulous job already of what they have.

Arrived in Strahan in time for a blistery visit to the very busy hotel for dinner. Were told we’d have a 20 minute wait for a table on a Wednesday night! Amazing!

Spent the night with many others on the water front at the boat launching ramp. Had the wind and rain beating against the van all night. Very cold. Hard to warm up enough to get to sleep. Minimum was 8o, but very bitie cold wind.

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Wynyard – some more…

Day 267

rain 18 °C
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Last night was very windy and the van rocked through the night. Today they are predicting 150km/hr winds in Victoria.

Woke to rain. Well really just a light drizzle. It appears it hasn’t rained around these parts for some time.

Today we dropped Midget off for her x-rays. She’s having her hips looked at in detail. She’s been hurting herself too often lately. Need to find out if something can be done to fix this problem.

Got washing done and more BAS/bookwork…

Had a very quiet day without a dog to entertain or get under our feet. Picked her up at 5pm to find she was very wobbly from the aesthetic. She has been diagnosed with bad arthritis in both hips. Worst in the right hip. Poor possum. So the vet has started her on a cartilage rebuilding injections, the first today and then weekly. Seems we’ll never get out of here…

Enjoyed watching Midget unable to control herself. Knew we were in for a quiet night! :-)

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Wynyard – again…

Day 266

rain 18 °C
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Had breaky at our favourite Christian café again this morning. They mentioned that the motel on the waterfront (in front of the Bookcafe) has planning approval to build 8 townhouses on the currently unoccupied portion of their block. That will block out a large portion of the Bookcafe’s view out to the ocean. I went to the Shire to see plans and find out more from their very helpful planner. Its starting to look like we couldn’t offer half of what they are asking on the property. Steve said that it needs about $100,000 being spent on the place, as well as the potential loss of view, and noise of Friday and Saturday night’s…. Hmmm. Well we still need to sell Mandurah, so will just have to wait and see what else we find…

Had a nice relaxing day catching up with bookwork and getting my already late BAS started… Steve worked on more of his book. Nice pleasant if not windy and slightly overcast day. Still cant complain, as today in Melbourne they’ve issued a warning about evacuation due to fire risk again. We even received the text message that they said they were going to send to all residents from the Victorian Police. I don't know why we got one, maybe because our signal had been detected in the area in the last month or so. My parents didn't get one???

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Mawbanna - Wynyard

Day 265

sunny 19 °C
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Had a fabulous night in the deafening silence of the bush. No crickets or birds, just the wind. It was beautiful. Had a walk down to Dip Falls; along the very steep set of sloping steps to the bottom. It’s a popular place offering several sheltered seating areas, toilets and even a couple of BBQ’s albeit wood ones.


A lovely solid timber bridge over the river tops it off. We arrived at 11am and found the next tour at 11:30am, so we had time to enjoy a Bush Stew and beautiful soup both with herb damper – yum! We sat at fabulous tables made of burl eucalyptus slabs made all glossy and shiny by varnish topped off with a base made of train wheels.

We then enjoyed a tour with just 4 participants. He started in his shed made with the slab weatherboards lining the walls (like in the photo of the house from Beaconsfield). It looks fabulous in the raw, as you see all the colours in the timber. He showed us the cutting tools including metal wedges used to help split the green timber. Interesting fact: split timber is best for shingles and weatherboards and left untreated will last 40 years due to the water just running off them. Machine cut rots in a few years without treatment!


We then walked through some of the 50 acre property of old logging forest. It had been logged in the 1930s and 1970s in the better selective logging method, where only the oldest an large trees are removed, leaving the younger ones to grow to their full potential. We also saw a Sassafrass sapling and were able to sniff a leaf. It was used in the earlier days as a tea as well as flavour in beer. It has a lovely sweet smelling oil scent when crumpled up. Fabulous stuff!

Well it looks like we’ve missed Clean Up Australia Day. We couldn’t get on the internet to find out where to go for our nearest cleanup. Steve said I clean up almost every day as I’m always picking up rubbish anyway, so we’ll have to leave it at that.

But after hearing that SA have had a 20% increase in the number of drink containers collected since they increased their refund from 5c to 10c. Its also created a $13.5million recycling industry and saved tons of rubbish from going into landfill around the state. So many new jobs have been created though this and it all stays in the local communities that run the programs. It sounds so fabulous. So I encourage you to email your local member and request they immediately enable a Bill to be put to the WA Parliament to get this going in WA. We really do need it.

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Wynyard – Boat House Beach - Mawbanna

Day 264

sunny 20 °C
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Got a late start and headed to the nearest café for our usual Saturday morning break and read of the weekend paper. Stopped at the 13 to the Dozen bakery, but the staff member was the most depressing person on earth and we couldn’t wait to get out of there.

One thing the Real Estate Agent mentioned to us about the town of Wynyard, with a population of 5,500, is that half the town are in the religious category with a few out their churches, and the rest are the drinkers. I think we’d fit into the latter category? What do you think? So we ended up at JC’s Café with a quote from the bible on the bottom of the board outside the door… JC – say no more. But the owner was lovely and very chatty. Made great toasties and good fair trade coffee!

Decided since we had to be back on Tuesday morning for Midget at the vet, we should get out of town for a day or so. So we headed a few kilometres up the road to Boat Harbour Beach. What a gorgeous spot. Stunning white sandy beaches, a fabulous café and not a boat in sight? Though we did see a couple of kayaks and a windsurfer…

The beach was busy with locals enjoying the hot sun. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the café as well as a fine bottle of Tasmanian Champers – 42o South. It was very tasty. Midget was busting her gut to get down on the beach to play with the crazy ball mad kelpie who had been running up and down the beach looking for people willing to throw the ball for him. Midget was carrying on like her throat was cut as she wasn’t able to join in. Whilst we finished of lunch and I enjoyed a delicious Mango & Passionfruit Crème Brule, we noticed the vet having lunch with his wife and mother at the other end of the café. You can run but you can’t hide in this town!


After Midget got a great swim in and cooled off, we returned to the car where the temperature gauge read 39o in the sun as the outside temperature.

Headed out to Mawbanna, where we’d been recommended not by one, but two different people to visit the Water Wheel Creek. There is a great wood turner, train, cafe and its supposed to be all very interesting. We arrived 10 minutes before closing, so decided we should check out the waterfall and tall tree. Found the fabulous rainforest full of tree ferns. It never ceases to amaze me how incredible our natural environment is in this fine country of ours. Rainforest in Tassie! Who would have thought? We viewed the fabulous Browntop Stringybark, or Eucalyptus Obliqua for those more botanically minded. It being 62m tall and 16m diameter around its base! It was phenomenal to see such giant trees, and given we’d passed many a Forestry Tasmania plantations on the drive out, even more the amazing!

Spent the night in the car park of this dog friendly paradise…


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