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Wynyard – just cant seem to leave this place…

Day 263

overcast 20 °C
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Had a great sleep in and then drove around to the harbour for a relax. Steve wanted to do some reading so we got straight into it. After breakfast Steve wanted morning tea, so went down to the Fish & Chip Shop for a small snack. He got talking to the owner about me wanting the Bookcafe over the road. She mentioned that it had been a number of things; including a B&B where the previous owner installed holes in the walls to peep on his clients! Great history! She also mentioned the current owner only paid $145,000 for the place just 2 years ago. Good ammo for getting it at a more realistic price. But we have to sell Mandurah to do it.

There are 4 bedrooms upstairs in the house that all have ensuite bathrooms. I’d love to convert the loft to an open plan apartment for us to live in and then update the bedrooms to include more modern bathroom appointments. It would be so much fun. I also miss not having a garden – and this one is perfect to play in. There is a lot of garden there already that needs a good clean up, but there would be great outside areas to set up café tables in etc. Steve’s not that convinced as yet. He just says its work, work and more work! Well I guess its all his doing as he has kept on at me to get a Soup Kitchen going…

Just been reading in Greenpages Magazine that Think Brick Australia has just opened up a display home in Seville Grove in WA that has an 8 * energy rated house. Although it’s a paid feature, still worthy of checking out if you’re interested in that sort of stuff. www.thinkbrick.com.au is the website.

Spent the best past of the windy afternoon trying to get the replacement aerial on behind the crockery cupboard – bugger of a job!

Had an interesting night on the jetty where the fishing boats are. Lots of people down for fish & chips as well as a bit of fishing off the jetty. Live music at the pub? Not sure if that’s good or not…

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Day 261

sunny 26 °C
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Got a good café morning in and uploaded more blog pages. Nearly up to date after several weeks of neglect – sorry to those of you who have been loyal readers! :-)

Hung around the Fishing Boat harbour and were enjoying a coffee when a crane pulled up to lift a boat up out of the water. Once it started to come out of the water, we realised it was very badly damaged. Apparently some kids were down the park after school last Friday and found some styrofoam that was being used in the park for the work that the council was doing. They apparently set some alight and then cast it off down the river. It stopped next to this guys boat and did approx $90,000 worth of damage to his Bertram 34!


The onlooker who was telling us the story said the sadest part was the guy only bought the boat a few months ago. He has terminal cancer and wanted to enjoy his last months/years with the boat. Now he'll have to deal with all this stuff which was quite sad. Apparently the kid who did the crime is well known to the story teller, but they all agreed not to tell the boat owner for the kids safety!

Walked around and enjoyed the town some more. Took Midget to the vet as she has been limping on and off for some time. Vet needs to knock her out a bit, so re-booked here in for Tuesday for xray.

Took a drive up to the Lookout and lighthouse. Tabletop lookout 13.8 million years old the rocks. All just 6kms from town. There is a great 30 minute walk from the lookout to the Lighthouse and return that we did. The views were breath taking.


Then decided to head to the Glenn McGrath Foundation fundraiser in town tonight. It was held at the local Theatre. A gorgeous heritage building that’s been quite nicely restored.


He gave a fabulous talk and told some great jokes about Warnie and Simmo. The Andrew Simonds one was the best. The conversation came up as a question from the audience asked what he thought of Simmo. He said he was the best natural born cricket player he’s ever seen – as long as he doesn’t think. He then referred to a day when a batsman came back into the changerooms and had three initials written on the top side of his bat. All the guys asked what the initials meant. They stood for the first letter of each word he wanted to remind himself of before he batted; pertaining to patience and calm before he batted. Apparently Simmo jumped up grabbed his bat and a felt pen and quickly scribbled two letters on the top of his bat. The saw the letters “S” and “W” on his bat and asked what they stood for. He said Swing Hard. So it just goes to prove that Simmo just shouldn’t think, he should just play and do what he does best, as soon as he returns from his latest disaster. Actually Glenn did speak quite highly of him as a player and hoped that his return wasn’t too far away.

He also spoke of his wife and kids. Hard to imagine that just 8 months ago she died. I’m surprised he is out doing these sorts of talks. But he said that the main focus of the McGrath Foundation is to be able to provide a Breast Care Nurse in every country hospital in Australia. They have so far funded 58 positions around Australia from the money they’ve raised. It was great that they’d achieved so much in the short time the foundation has been going.

Many qued up to get autographs and get their copy of cook books and also Glenn’s book signed before the Auction of a few cricket items happened. I’m glad we went.

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Burnie – Wynyard

Day 260

semi-overcast 24 °C
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Well got an early start. Found a place to stay down by the waterfront near the woodchip pile. Broke the aerial off the van while accessing a carpark yesterday. Did the rounds of the useless cheap car shops such as Auto1 and Repco. None of these shops keep anything in stock anymore. All have to be ordered in. Ended up going to Ford and paid double the price to get one in the next day…

Headed off 20kms down the road to Wynyard. What a joy! What a relief! Not a wood chip in sight and a gorgeous town to boot! Found the most loveliest Book Café for sale along with old 1894 heritage house… This place is heaven. The locals are lovely (mind you we haven’t met a horrible person yet since we arrived (except kids who have the personality of a pencil and don’t turn into human beings till they turn 30 (at least))) – boy am I sounding old! See http://www.realestate.com.au/cgi-bin/rsearch?a=o&t=res&c=41931099&tm=1235544084&cc=AUSTRALIA&id=105271265&p=10&header=&s=tas&snf=rbs for all the pics. I can feel my soup kitchen boiling over. Anyone want to buy a lovely three storey beachside duplex in Mandurah?

My Wana Be Bookcafe

Steve went paddling up the Inglis River and I went for a walk along the lovely waterside paths. Its so peaceful and relaxing here. Quite a nice sized town and just an hour from Devonport. There are 3 pubs and lots of cafes and lovely parks along the river and oceanfront.

Midget assisting a poor innocent fisherman

Stoped the night overlooking the river in a perfectly quiet spot. I could get used to this…

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Ulverstone – Penguin - Burnie

Day 259

sunny 26 °C
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Had a walk around Ulverstone and enjoyed a coffee at a café. Quite a nice little town. Lots of lovely wooden houses and a great park on the waterfront. Not sure what the deal is but there are huge monuments to all naval boats of Australia’s past. Lots of memorials etc. Also one to Nuff Nuff – a local prostitute in Sydney who served the navy very well apparently. A strange but interesting inclusion into the solemn but lovely park.

Next we headed to Penguin – what a cute name for a town. This place was lovely because you passed lots of rocks out into the water that made a lovely spectacle to look at. The bay was quite large and protected. The winds had been bad all day, but in Penguin they picked up and nearly carted us away. We stopped for pancakes at the local church and then a pie at the bakery for sale. There were some great buildings in town and we found an ideal place for my soup kitchen. Trying to talk Kerry Jennings into coming in with us in a book café (with my soup kitchen). Haven’t managed to convince her as yet! :-)

Penguin Goal!

Happy Mr & Mrs Cow - will you check out their view!

Great spot and very friendly locals. No large plots of land for sale around the town though. You could by 5 acres in Penguin for the same price as 100 acres about 50kms away! Amazing price variations between the ocean (bigger towns) and inland (crappy roads).

Next we moved on to Burnie. Still the horrible place we visited last time, only this time the wood chip pile almost blocked daylight from entering the town it was so huge, and they charged the same parking rates ALL around the town as Hobart – so surprising. We couldn’t believe a small town could have such an attitude. We tried to go to the movies but we weren’t going to spend another $3 more on parking – even if we could find a spot. Crazy! We left as soon as we could find the exit.

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Port Sorell – Ulverstone

Day 258

sunny 25 °C
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Got a great sleep in and laundry done in town. Another leisurely and lazy day. Sauntered into Devonport to catch up on blogs and stuff while still having mobile reception.

Went to the movies and saw Ghost Town. It was quite good. Micky Gervaise was very good. He always seems to get interesting parts.

Headed on out of town to get a good sleep out of the big smoke. Stopped in Ulverstone along the lovely waterfront for the night.

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