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Scottsdale – St Mary’s

Day 285

sunny 24 °C

Steve wanted to take a walk just out of Scottsdale. We followed the unsignposted track and met:



yesterday's new born calf!

He then took a walk on a mountain just out of Scottsdale. It wasn’t as good as others he’d done he said. Midget was almost crippled by the walk.



We took a back road through to Ringarooma and Mathinna which had some really crappy unsealed roads for about 20kms but saved us doubling back on our journey. We arrived at St Mary’s late the in afternoon in time to catch the lovely health food shop. I spoke to the owner for some time and she was really helpful and offered some great advise about opening up a shop such as hers.

Got good TV reception and watched a bit before a nice peaceful sleep at their sports ground.

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Bellingham - Scottsdale

Day 284

sunny 20 °C

Had a great sleep in by the water. Enjoyed a quiet breakfast, not seeing a single person! Wow don’t you know you’re in Tassie!

Arrived at Jansz just in time for lunch. Enjoyed a vintage 2005 Rose Sparking which was divine, especially with a platter of King Island cheeses and Bob’s Beetroots – a lovely sweet pickled variety, dried fruits and stunning shady ash trees and timber outdoor settings around a lake. This is the life. We shared our table with a german couple here on holiday. Actually they were going to rent a house in Noosa for 4 years from next winter. They were heading off back to Melbourne tomorrow for a couple of weeks before heading home for spring. They’re just about finished up a 4 month holiday of Australia. Their 4th! What a great life eh?!

Decided it was time to move on and enjoy the rest of the bright sunny days and daylight. Arrived at Lilydale around 4pm. Most of the nice shops had closed and it was all but missed. Looked like a great walk to the Lilydale falls, but had to move on to Scottsdale to empty the toilet (important stuff).

Arrived in Scottsdale in time to see all the shops closed – including the video store??? Had a walk around till it got too cold and then found the dump point and then the show grounds for sleep.

this carving was made by a colourful local who has since died. he hated waste and when this tree fell over he carved it into the town's new tourism centrepiece.

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George Town – Bellingham

Day 283

sunny 25 °C
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Took a walk around town. Got some washing done and decided it was time to push on. Made it 11kms down the road to Low Head. Its basically the entrance to the Tamar River and the road to Launceston as everything initially came via boat. It was protected and safe for boats once they entered the harbour. Low Head is full of fabulous heritage buildings. 1805 is supposedly the oldest one at the Pilot Station, but the oldest I could find was 1835. There are several lighthouses that mark the way in and out of the windy harbour entrance.




Its quite a pretty spot, but with too many trees taken away, its also very windy. We plotted a course for Piper Brook. It’s the head of the Tamar Valley wineries. Home to my favourite Jantz – who do a fabulous Rose Champagne. We managed to do a trip through Piper Brook Vineyard before the 5pm close. We found ourselves down on the river in Bellingham for a lovely sunset on the river and a quiet night.


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Launceston – George Town

Day 282

sunny 24 °C
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Had a great sleep in @ the Silverdome (where the Expo was held). They had a nice quiet carpark. Got a couple of DVDs out and watch Walk the Wire, the movie about the French Tight Rope Walker who walked across the World Trade Centre Buildings back in 1972. It was amazing. The footage, the sheer craziness of the feat, the fact the buildings are no longer there, and the fact that he just had to do it. I really enjoyed it.
Visited the Tasmanian Timber Gallery today in Launceston. It’s a design shop and exhibition of fabulous timber furniture and household items made around the state out of their fabulous timbers. Very gorgeous.

1887 Water Fountain Launceston

We then visited the Harley Davidson exhibition. Well I should say Steve did and I checked up on emails. The Launceston one also comes with its own Bar and live music on the weekends.

We then took Midget to the vet for her third injection, and left town. Arrived in George Town in time to take a walk around the point.

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Day 281

sunny 19 °C
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Awoke around 8:30am and had breaky in the rain. Arrived at Environmental Building & Lifestyle Expo around 11am. Basically spent the entire day there till it closed at 5pm visiting the stalls, attending interesting talks on the new Star Assessments that are compulsory on all house sales from the middle of next year, thanks to the Greens. It was really interesting as the guy who gave the show discussed the different types of software packages available on the market and what they do is enter the dimensions of the house, rooms, sizes of windows, construction method, orientation etc and the software spits out a report that gives the house a Star Rating. Its really cute and very helpful at finding out if you’re buying a house that’s expensive or cheap to run. The minimum requirement will be 5 stars for all new houses, but the new scheme goes up to 10 stars. Which is basically a vacuum sealed flask. Don’t think there will be any 10* ratings in Australia as I don’t think we need them, more suitable for northern America and Europe where the temperate differentials are much greater. Though it was interesting to see the variations allowed between locations; ie an exemption that was allowed due to climatic conditions, such as Darwin requiring ceiling fans to be on most of the time etc. Quite interesting.

Then we saw the demonstration by Craig from the Carbon Cops show on ABC. He gave a great talk on the TV show and how it started, and they weren’t even sure what they were going to be able to achieve by it, but its turned into a great performer and they are still running another series, so it obviously has the ratings also. I must admit I liked the show. I thought I knew quite a bit about what to do in the house to make it efficient, but I still learnt something new in almost every episode. He’s quite a good presenter and gave a very informative presentation such as; when is wise to upgrade your fridge? He said if you are going to be getting two or more stars or more, then its worth while upgrading. If its only one star then the actually energy expended actually making the machine doesn’t outweigh the benefit. But you do start saving money immediately on the purchase; as soon as your next power bill comes in. And apparently 9% of your electricity bill is devoted to your fridge, it’s a considerable chunk out of the alterable budget. I did read somewhere that they say you should upgrade your fridge every 9 years as I guess that might take the increase in efficiency of the fridges into consideration. Anyway it all helps. Obviously he was from Victoria and given the water restrictions etc, he was focusing on water etc. He was shocked and horrified that Hobart (and Strahan for that matter) don’t have a single water metre in town. So no one has any need to conserve water in any way. You wont see a single rain water tank in Hobart (or Strahan either). Strange eh? Hence our desire to be there. As the water sources are drying up, we think we should be safe in Strahan with an average rainfall of 2.5m/year!

Craig also told us an amazing story about his HD box that he had for this TV. He was discussing about turning off appliances at the switch, which of course is difficult to do when its tucked behind TV cabinets etc. So he bought a remote switch to turn all appliances off from his couch. He said the remote switch uses 0.3W – which actually is worthwhile. What he didn’t know till he took his little gizmo home that measures consumption and tested this HD box. While in use it used 32W. In standby mode it used 31W. Apparently a product of cheap Chinese mass produced electronics. Its cheapest to just turn the clock off thereby saving the almighty 1W! He was ropable, and thereby well and truly felt his $7 purchase of the remote control switch was justified. He said the toaster and kettle don’t save any power, its all those devices with the little lights and more that cost the money to run.

Steve also got a ride on a Segway. They had two on display that were zooming around the show. They really can move. I guess that’s why they’ve had a few accidents on them.

We met a few designers and drafties that could help us with our extension at Strahan but we’re still not sure what to do. Have to start working on a plan.

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